TPLN boost your PHP dev

TPLN is a fast php template engine.
The PHP code is separated of your design what facilitates the update of the design of your documents and to permit to separate work between webdesigner and PHP coder your work is built faster and it is easier to update !

Hot Features:

  • Easy to learn
  • Open source project
  • Powerful Plugin system (DB Pager, Captcha, Forms, Cache, Rss, Mail, Image)
  • Database Abstraction layer via PDO (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server...)
  • Full Documentation, Friendly Community, ...

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Some random references...
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  • SG Formations (Corporate)
  • One Touch (B2C)
  • Devis Rénovation (B2B)
  • Sbc (B2B)
  • Manaz Ganji (Corporate)
  • Cave darcins (Ebusiness)
  • Fenelon (Education)
  • Kitchen CC (B2C)
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  • Arsep (Corporate)
  • Via Auto (B2B)
  • Devas mita (Corporate)
  • Art du Tricot - Forum (B2C)
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  • Evoweb (B2B)
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  • Rportal (Personal)
  • SFMV (Corporate)
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