Sample> Db Showrecords Array


// include TPLN

$TPLN = new TPLN;
$TPLN->setNavColor('#FFFFFF','#FFFFC0'); // change colors of navigation

// you can create this array from a CSV file or a XML file...
$res[] = array('user'=> 'root''password'=> 'admin');
$res[] = array('user'=> 'linus''password'=> 'toox');
$res[] = array('user'=> 'richard''password'=> 'gnu');
$res[] = array('user'=> 'tpln''password'=> 'best ;-)');

$TPLN->setUrl('?'); // optional take current page by default
$TPLN->showRecords($res2); // only 2 results by page

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    <title>TPLN - DB function ShowResult Sample</title>
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<table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width="100%">
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    <bloc::norecord>No record</bloc::norecord>

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