This component allow you to catch and protect form submission automatically.

Your template must be configured like this :

{msg}<br />

<form name="form">

You submission is ok

Two modes are availables to display errors : T (for TOP by default) or I (for INLINE) 

If bloc form_valid is present in your template if there is no error after submission, your form will be replaced
with content of form_valid.

- Bloc form_error is only required with display on TOP

By default, component will catch name form with name `form`

You can change display mode with formSetDisplayMode()

- You can change the name of form to catch with formSetName()

- You can change the language of form error message with formSetLang()

- You can change the name of input in error message with formSetObjectNames() 

- You can assign values for your html form with formInit()


Checking methods :

  • notEmpty : check if the input, file, checkbox or radio is empty
  • email : check if the input is email
  • date :  check entry is a date (you can configure date format)
  • url : check if input is a url
  • alpha, onlyLetter : check if input contains only alphabetic characters
  • alphaNumeric : check if input contains only alphabetic characters or numeric characters
  • onlyDigit : check if the input contains only number
  • charLength : check the length of the string input
  • minLength : check minimum length 
  • maxLength : check maximum length
  • equal : check if the inpout value is equal
  • inList : check if the input value is in list
  • regexControl : check if the input pass your regex
  • addError : customize your own error validation and message

Checking methods for file upload :

  • fileControl : check if file upload is valid your restriction :  file size, file mime/type, file extension
  • imgControlWidth : control the width of file image uploaded (possible oparator '<', '<=', '=', '>', '>=' )
  • imgControlHeight : control the height of file image uploaded (possible oparator '<', '<=', '=', '>', '>=' )
  • imgStrictDimension : control the width and/or height of file image uploaded



Secure your form with captcha :



 Please see online examples :

-  NotEmpty
- FileControl
- FormIsValid
- RegexControl
- SetMessage
- FormHook
- Ajax Form
- XSSprotect


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